New Spaces – planning, living, housing: this Stadtaspekte special edition is about Baukultur in German Cities. The magazine is being published in collaboration with the Federal Foundation of Baukultur.





PLANNING The Culture of Planning and Participation

A Sceptical Crowd
How citizens’ initiatives can derail entire projects

A Heavy Blow
Photography series: visiting the hometown of a bankrupt pharmacy chain

Well Advised.
An interview with architect Volker Staab

Before the Beginning
Participatory planning takes one step back

Lawn Enforcement
Grassy turf has the power to transform public space


LIVING Public Space

In the Thick of it
A traffic island is the new city centre of Ulm

Against the Tide
The city of Würzburg tames a river

Preparing for the Worst Case
An interview with disaster researcher Henning Goersch

Into the Wild
Photography series: well-ordered chaos in a Berlin park

Playful Places
Do adventure playgrounds have educational value?

New Kids on the Bay
Growing up in a residential haven


HOUSING Mixed Neighbourhoods

A Second Life
A post-war housing estate with a new lease of life

Location, Location, Location?
The language of flat advertisements

World on the Street
Talking about ‘home’ in Hamburg’s Weltquartier

Trouble in Paradise
Germany’s first garden city is gentrifying

A Concrete Opinion
An interview with Riklef Rambow about taste in architecture

Side by Side
A model housing project in Switzerland

Mapping Kotti
Portrait of an artist: Larissa Fassler



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